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Publications / References

Zang, M., H. Trautmann, C. Gandor, F. Messi, F. Asselbergs, C. Leist, A. Fiechter and J. Reiser (1995) Production of recombinant proteins in Chinese hamster ovary cells using a protein-free cell culture medium. Bio/Technology 13, 389-392

Gandor, C., C. Leist, A. Fiechter and F. Asselbergs (1995) Amplification and expression of recombinant genes in serum-independent Chinese hamster ovary cells. FEBS Letters 377, 290-294

Gandor, C.R., M.O. Zang-Gandor, P.J. Flor, M. Marangi and F.A.M. Asselbergs. (1999) Conditionally adherent growth of serum-independent CHO cells for automated drug screening and biopharmaceutical production. Biotechnol Bioeng. 65, 523-528


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