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Cell Line Development

  • CHO, BHK, rat and human cell lines, growing in serum-and protein-free media
  • Fully documented and compliant to regulatory requirements
  • Good growth and expression behavior in different process systems
  • Tested for absence of mycoplasma and viruses
Single Cell Suspension Single Cell Suspension Adherent Monolayer

Defined and Reproducible Culture Conditions with

  • CHOSI, CHO Serum Independent
    derived from CHO dhfr- (ATCC CRL-9096, deficient in dihydrofolate reductase) was adapted for growth in serum- and protein-free, animal component free medium.

    CHOSI grow as single cell suspension with a specific growth rate of about µ = 0.7 d-1, which corresponds to a doubling time of 1 per day

    CHOSI can be cultured in several culture systems and are applicable as production cell line for high level expression of recombinant proteins

    CHOSI show high secretory activity and a human like glycosylation pattern

    CHOSI can be transfected with high efficiency (up to 90 %)

  • CHOSI-Ad, CHO Serum Independent, adherent
    Genetic engineering of our well described CHOSI leaded to a permanent attachment of the cells to glass and different plastic surfaces. This is useful for several cultivation systems were adherent cells are needed (e.g. immobilization on microcarriers, chip technology, assay development)

  • CHOSI-dAd, CHO Serum Independent, inducible adherent
    By introducing an inducible promoter system, we designed a cell line which can attached and detached reversal. This makes it possible to generate a large number of indicator cells for HTS or cell based systems by proliferating the cells in a bioreactor and attach them to 96-well plates

  • K-SI
  • SF-BHK
  • SF-BHK-Ad
  • HEK-SI
  • SF-HEPG2
We also offer adaptation of other cell lines to serum- and protein-free growth.


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