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Cell Based Assays
Drug Target Screening

Process Chain

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Molecular Biology, Expression Systems
Cell Line Development
Media Development
Fermentation Development
Purification Development
Analytical Development

Media Development

  • Chemically defined, synthetic (animal-free source) medium formulation (do not contain any proteins, lysates or peptides) developed supporting CHOSI and BHK SFS cell line

    • MAM-PF1 for maintenance of the cells
    • MAM-PF2 for batch cultivation to achieve 1 x 10E7 cells per ml
    • MAM-PF3 for high density perfusion or fed-batch systems > 2 x 10E7 cells per ml

  • Produced in an ISO certified facility
  • Can be obtained as liquid or power
  • All components with certified origin
  • Proprietary medium formulations
  • Very cost effective for production purposes

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