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Cell Based Assays
Drug Target Screening

PROGENEX system for procaryotic gene expression

Based on our experience in eucaryotic gene expression systems for microbial production of native as well as tagged proteins were developed.

Expression Vectors
  • pLEGX (heat inducible lambda promoter)
  • pEGXpress (synthetic promoter, RBS and Terminator)
  • selection by Kan resistance or via complementation of strain auxotrophy
  • show high plasmid stability even without selection pressure
  • expression in inclusion bodies or as soluble protein
Host Strains
  • E. coli B834 (protease deficient) or E. coli BL21 (high densities & stable)
  • E. coli Exogen for soluble expression
  • mutants with auxotrophic phenotypes
  • secretory pathway adaptation to the protein of interest
  • fully synthetic media
  • adapted to expression strain

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